16 luglio 2014

WOUND "and nothing will be the same" c20 review on ADHOC.FM!

AD HOC - Who Has Tapes Anymore? #11 (July 15, 2014)Wound: And Nothing Will Be The Same (Spirit Throne)

Among all the other great releases in Spirit Throne Tapes’ new batch, Wound’s “And Nothing Will Be The Same” really stood out. I was previously unaware of the workd of Italy's Massimo Onza, but his explorations in the darker atmosphere of ambient/noise is right up my alley. Playing a variety of contact mics and synths with tape manipulation elements and effects, he conjures a subterranean kingdom in the sediment. Deep droning bristles lay on top of dull stabs of distortion and feedback. The B-side’s “Broken Words” opens beautifully with a minimalistic and cavernous crawl through low end rumblings and distorted oscillations. Creeping along, the track rises slowly to a motor like cadence before finally giving out, inches from the surface.

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